Rearing seaworms (Genus:Nereis ) (fwd)

Geoffrey Read at
Sun Jun 23 17:48:40 EST 1996

Forwarded from another list. Replies to the original author. Please
do not reply to me. I have already sent on Peter Olive's e-mail 
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Kemal Can BIZSEL writes:-
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 96 22:04:38 -0700
From: Kemal Can BIZSEL <bizsel at>
Organization: IMST
To: iamslic at UCSD.EDU
Subject: Rearing seaworms (Genus:Nereis )

I will be grateful if I can find the addresses of a person or an 
institution that have been studying or at least interested in "rearing of 
errant polychaete worms (Nereis spp.).

So, please send me such information if possible!

Best regards


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