Worm eggs and amphipods

Paul Schroeder schroede at wsu.edu
Wed Jun 26 11:53:59 EST 1996

Dear Edwin:

I don't know much about the amphipods, but about a page and a half of my
review of polychaete reproduction (done with Colin Hermans) discusses
various types of polychaete egg masses. This is on pp. 129 and 130 of Volume
3 in the Giese and Pearse series called "Reproduction in Marine
Invertebrates". If it isn't available to you, let me know and I will send
copies of the relevant pages.

Paul Schroeder
Dept, of Zoology
Washington State University
Pullman, WA

>Hello all,
>	I have stumbled across some mudflat worm gelatinous egg masses that
>are plagued with what seems to be the amphipod Microprotopus raneyi.  Before
>this, I had never seen it in large numbers anywhere around here, but we
>have collected this amphipod occasionally in plankton tows.  I have checked
>some of the obvious sources and, have only been able to find one
>reference dealing directly with amphipod-egg mass associations (Fox, 1980).
>Has anyone observed similar phenomena in other annelids that put out
>gelatinous masses of eggs?
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