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A follow-up to the first notice here in May. -GBR

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Subject: web page - confrence on estuaries and soft sediment habitats

Conference information and registration details for the
International Conference on the Ecology of Estuaries and Soft Sediment
Habitats to be held at Deakin University, Victoria, Australia on 4-7
February 1997 is available on the World Wide Web with the address:


Please let others know of this web page.

Andrew Constable
Conference Organiser

Dr. Andrew Constable
Lecturer in Marine Ecology
School of Aquatic Science and Natural Resources Management
Deakin University
PO Box 423
Warrnambool  Vic  3280

Phone: +61 55 63 3099
Fax:   +61 55 63 3462
Email: aconst at deakin.edu.au
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