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Wed Mar 13 18:08:05 EST 1996

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     It is with a lot of sadness that I am writing this note- Meredith had 
     been ill for some time with cancer and recently died- those of who who 
     visited the Worm section at The Smithsonian will remember his cheerful 
     face and a willingness to help and discuss taxonomic problems and help 
     clarify morphological structures.
      On my first visit I was given a detailed picture of how he was 
     revising the Family Magelonidae and how he was gradually finding valid 
     characters to separate this nasty group- to my eyes all of which 
     looked the same- He agreed to look at some Australian material and we 
     got a name I wonder what ever happened to that matrix on the wall?
     However perhaps it was on my next visit when some amazing animals 
     arrived and we spent all day looking at these animals- subsequently to 
     be called Riftia-- these became his consuming passion and over the 
     next few years he undertook  a very detailed study of the morphology 
     of the group  and he never did get back to those Magelonids.
     Sometimes working with Steve Gardner he basically sectioned the animal 
     and was able to reconstruct amazing 3D reconstructions which enabled 
     them to begin to understand the morphology and which greatly 
     facilitated all the other studies which began to occur on vent faunas.
     While some of us disagree with his suggested phylogeny of the group-- 
     and there status-- without Meredith's detailed studies their true 
     position could only have bee guessed at.
     With Meredith's passing we have lost a truly remarkable invertebrate 
     biologist and morphologist -- and I have lost a friend as have many of 

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