Meredith Jones

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Wed Mar 13 19:03:51 EST 1996

     As a follow-up to Pat H's earlier note on Meredit's passing - I too
shall miss him.  As the only other American who has described a species of
Pogonophora (whatever their status might be - yet to be decided?) Meredith
has been a mentor and friend for over 30 years.  His balance and sense of
self (i.e. not inflated) made him an easy person to be with and learn from -
he was special as a person and as a biologist.  
     For those of you who may wish to do so he requested that an appropriate
memorial would be to send a gift the the San Juan County Library c/o his
wife:  Mrs Gerry Jones,  2283 Mitchell Bay Rd.,  Friday Harbor, WA  98250.
  They provided him with taped books in the later stages of his illness.

Ed Cutler

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