Sight and Photoreception of Annelids

Joshua Lisinicchia li0825 at
Mon Mar 18 16:41:19 EST 1996

Hello my name is Joshua Lisinicchia, and I am a senior at Texas A&M, and
I am currently finishing my studies in marine biology.  I am now taking a 
class called invertebrate zoology.  We are to do a paper on the topic
of my professors choosing.  I got sight and photoreception of annelids, 
and so far have been unsuccessful in my search through scientific 
journals.  I thought i would give the ol' WWW a try and happened upon 
this site.  If you have any, or know of any published material i could
use i would really appreciate a reply to this letter.  Thank you very 
much, and I hope to hear from someone soon.  :)


ps:  I don't know if this means anything, but my professor is Dr. Donald 
     Harper.  Thanks again.

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