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Tue Mar 19 06:18:05 EST 1996

Hello  folks,

This note is about annelid Web pages but please read on even if
you don't have access to WWW yet.

Some of you may have looked at my  WWW  page and noticed I  
promised to expand the annelid and polychaete information in future 
revisions and shift it to another site. I am pleased to announce 
that this at last is about to become a reality and that, thanks to 
access provided by Julian Humphries at Cornell University 
Biodiversity site, a set of 'Annelid resources' pages will be at 
that address. Major items of information will include all abstracts 
from the 5th International Polychaete Conference of last year,  an 
online version of JM (Lobo) Orensanz's evolving checklist of  the 
British Columbia and Washington polychaetes, and  condensed guides 
to polychaete families and higher classification and terminology 
which will be updated as feedback is received. There is a section 
for translations (to English!) which at the moment has only one 
paper in it. I hope you will have others that can be distributed in 
this way. 

There will also be background information aimed at informing those 
newly-interested in polychaetes of some of the resources available 
(publications,IPA activities, etc,  -- things most of you know 
about, although they may not have been collected together in this 
way before), and of course links to relevant polychaete and annelid 
pages and people pages that I have encountered.

I will put an updated version of the PRO polychaetologist address 
list there. So I would like to be informed of any recent important 
changes and additions to your details. The easiest way to do this 
is through the form at my WWW page at Actrix, or you can just e-
mail me directly.

Anyone who does  not want their IPC5 abstract distributed online, or 
who wants to update it, should contact me as soon as possible (Don't 
worry about new species names. They will not appear!).

This site is available to display any useful annelid data and needs 
your input. If you have any other suitable information  please send 
it along. 

I will announce the URL for the new pages in a few days (i.e., don't 
bother to look just yet).


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