Nereis speciation event 2nd thoughts

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Thu Mar 21 08:35:34 EST 1996

>Usenet post by Joseph E Boxhorn. Forwarded to ANNELIDA for comment. I have not
>yet seen the paper referred to. (For non-usenetters an FAQ is a document of
>Frequently Asked Questions (with answers :-)) GBR.
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> Subject: Observed Speciation FAQ
> Date: 20 Mar 1996 03:56:56 GMT
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> Some recently published data calls into question whether one of the
> examples listed in the Observed Instances of Speciation FAQ actually
> represents a speciation event.  In the FAQ I wrote:

Very interesting.  It's tempting to use hindsight to make some snide
comments about this event - but I think the lesson is obvious, the studies
were well-executed, and I certainly can see myself falling into the same
pit; and the event actually is instructive in its way.  I find particularly
ironic the implications this has for the escalating use of citation index
numbers (esp. here in the US) by tenure and promotion committees - do you
suppose anyone will tell these committees explicitly that these two spikes
should be treated as subtractive?

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