31st European Mar. Biol. Symp. (ANNOUNCE)

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31 EMBS Organising Committee

Dear Colleagues!

Please receive the First Announcement of 31st EUROPEAN MARINE BIOLOGY
SYMPOSIUM which will be held in Russia in September 1996. If you have
not registered yet do not hesitate to contact us by fax or e-mail.

Organising Committee

                   Date: September 9th to 13th 1996

         Place: Hotel "St.Petersburg", St.Petersburg, Russia

     Organising Institutions: Zoological Institute, Russian
                              Academy of Sciences;
                              White Sea Biological Station,
                              Moscow State  University,
                              Department of Biology, Moscow.

     1. Adaptation Strategies of Marine Organisms.
Contributions should discuss physiological, morphological and
biochemical adaptations to moderate and extreme environmental
conditions such as salinity, temperature, oxygen concentration and so
     2. The Interaction of Marine Organisms in Communities
     Contributions should deal with all kinds of symbiosis, fouling of
living organisms and predator-prey relations as well as parasite-host
interactions. We are particularly interested in long-term dynamics of
interactions between two or more species of individual, population or
community level.
     It is intended also to have a parallel workshop "Obelia as a
Dominant in Epibiotic Communities".
     Contributions should be within the framework of themes 1 or 2.
     Both oral presentations and posters concerning the
above-mentioned topics will be included in the Symposium programme.
Experimental studies and investigations under natural conditions are

     The Symposium language will be English.

     All participants are requested to complete the attached
registration form.

     Abstracts should be on one side of A4, double space, 65
characters per line. 1. Author(s); 2. Institution, country; 3. Title;
4. Text.
     Abstracts could be sent by mail, fax or e-mail.
     All abstracts will be reviewed. The Organising Committee may not
be able to accept all oral presentations submitted. The papers not
accepted as oral presentations could be represented at poster

Name and Title             If student please mark
Address   Phone      Fax        E-mail     Country
I shall be accompanied by
I propose to present a paper/poster entitled

I would like accommodation:
in "St.Petersburg" hotel..........
I prefer my own accommodation......

     Accepted papers will be published in a Symposium Volume

                              Before    After
                             May, 1st  May, 1st
     Full participants         $300      $350
     Students                  $150      $200
     Accompanying persons      $120      $150
     The Registration Fee includes Social events and for full
participants a copy of the Symposium Volume.

     Participants will be accommodated at "St.Petersburg" hotel. The
cost per night per person is no more than $65 (room for one person) or
$40 (room for two persons). Lunch is about $10 per person. Hostels is
available for students only ($30 per night per person). Breakfast
included in all cases.

     All correspondence should be addresses to:
     Eugenia G. Goncharova
     31st EMBS
     Zoological Institute RAS
     Universitetskaya nab. 1
     St.Petersburg 199034
     Phone +(812) 114-0097
     Fax   +(812) 218-2941
           +(812) 114-0444
     E-mail EMBS at WSBS.SPB.SU


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