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Sun Mar 31 08:59:38 EST 1996

Annelida members with IPC5 papers,

Congratulations to those of you who have already worked their
contributions into journals. If you have gone down that path (or know the
details of someone else's) could you please drop me an e-mail as they
appear in print with the reference and ideally a copy of the abstract?

As I've already said, the Fifth Polychaete Conference Abstracts have been
kindly made available to me to put on the under-construction Annelida Web
page at Cornell. (This is to make a searchable electronic copy available
for everybody, whether you have the conference booklet or not. I can tell
you it is worthwhile to have and looks good. It was in fact ready a long
time ago but various complications since have got in the way of its
appearance online.) Hopefully most of the content will be in place over 
the next week (there goes my evening spare time!).

I've decided to deal with papers which will be published outside the conference 
proceedings by maintaining a separate list of them which will also be put 
up as a web page. So far I have Guenter Purschke et al. on Polyophthalmus. 

So ... any more candidates for this list at the moment? 


   Geoff Read <gread at>
   Annelida resources =>

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