Hartmann-Schroeder's Annelida ..., 2nd Ed.

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Dear Geoff,
I want to inform you that finally the second revised edition of Gesa 
Hartmann-Schroeder's "Annelida. Borstenwuermer, Polychaeta" in "Die 
Tierwelt Deutschlands und der angrenzenden Meeresteile" is now 
available. It includes an extended taxonomy and an up-to-date 
classification of the German polychaete fauna but since the range of 
many species extends beyond the German boundaries into Arctic regions, 
the North Atlantic and North Pacific much information concerning the 
species in these and other parts of the world has also been included. 
The keys are easier to use, it contains a description of 558 
species, i.e. 132 more than in the first edition including the 
so-called archiannelids. Diagnostic characters of all species have 
been more precisely defined, illustrations have been completed and 
improved, new ones are added, together with a large amount of new 
information as to ecology and biology of various species. The price 
is DM 298,--/OES 2205/SFr 268.50. The book can be ordered from: 
Gustav Fischer Verlag, P.O.B. 100537, D-07705 Jena, Germany. 
Fax: ++49-3641-626500. The publisher accepts American Express, 
Mastercard/Eurocard and Visa credit cards. 
I would suggest that you distribute this information.
Best regards
Wilfried Westheide

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