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 Gibson,Peter H (1996): Distribution of the cirratulid polychaetes
 Dodecaceria fimbriata, D. concharum and D. diceria in European waters
 between latitudes 48N and 70N. J. Mar. Biol. Assoc. U. K. 76, 625-635.


Dear colleagues,

Recently, Peter Gibson described the distribution of three species of the 
genus Dodecaceria in European waters (JMBA 76). The difference in the 
distribution of D. fimbriata and D. concharum appear to be due to variation 
in the salinity of the sea.

In our monitoring studies in the south-west of the Netherlands, ongoing 
since 1990, we found seven specimens of Dodecaceria. As Hartmann-Schroder 
(1971) only describes one species (D. concharum), we all identified them as 
such. Most of the species are found in the Grevelingen, a saline lake 
(chlorinity > 15.4 gCl/l, or a salinity of > 27.8 promille). But according 
to Gibson (1996), D. concharum is only found when the salinity is above 34 
promille. Therefore, we might have D. fimbriata instead of D. concharum.
We checked some specimen using his description on p. 626: "the crotchets of 
D. fimbriata have a tooth at the proximal edge of the depression which is 
absent in D. concharum". We didn't see the tooth, however. Either, we 
misinterpret the description, or the specimen indeed are D. concharum.

Could anyone, therefore, give more information on the identifcation of both 
species. Where can we find descriptions with illustrations?

Thanks in advance,

Johan Craeymeersch
craeymeersch at

Netherlands Institute of Ecology
Centre for Estuarine and Coastal Ecology
Vierstraat 28
NL-4401 EA Yerseke
The Netherlands

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