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Wed Nov 6 18:12:52 EST 1996

Johan Craeymeersch enquired on D. concharum/fimbriata:

> Could anyone, therefore, give more information on the identifcation of both 
> species. Where can we find descriptions with illustrations?

I would imagine in the papers cited by Gibson in that paper and cited in
his BZN paper. However, as most people know, Peter Gibson is advocating a
rather dramatic solution to his problem in nomenclature to the Commission.

Johan may have received more informed responses from those directly
involved. I would just like to mention that Pleijel and Mackie (Sept. 1995
Bull. Zool. Nomencl. 52(3):261-62) oppose Gibson's namings, and I believe
there are other rebuttals in press, if not already published, including
Pat Hutchings et al. representing the Nomenclatural Sub-Committee of the
International Polychaetology Association.

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