Spionids from Madagascar

Alexandre Goulart Soares ZLBAGS at zoo.upe.ac.za
Wed Nov 13 14:18:31 EST 1996

Dear annelid lovers,

I am new to this list and I would like to start with a request. 

I am doing a PhD study on macrobenthic communities of tropical and 
temperate sandy beaches. During this work I came across two species 
of spionids, collected in Madagascar, which I believe to be new to 

Spionid 1

-most of the characters fit it in the genus Scolelepis 
(prostomium pointed, branchiae from 2nd setiger till the last one, 
anterior notopodial and neuropodial setae all capillaries, with 
posterior neuro and notopodial bi-tridentaded hooded hooks, pygidium 
with a ventral cushion below the anus, etc.)

- the outstanding  characteristic is the occurrence of a stout 
hook on the neuropodium of the 4th setiger (with two capillary 
setae); in some individuals this hook also appears on the 5th and 
6th setigers. This is the only difference, otherwise those segments 
are exactly the same as the ones from other parts of the body (with 
branchiae and not modified).

- several characteristics prevent this spionid to fit into existent 
genera with stout hooks on anterior setigers such as Polydorella, 
Tripolydora, Boccardia, Pseudopolydora or Polydora.

Spionid 2

The other spionid I found in Madagascar could be identified as 
Scolelepis lefebrvei, but it deviates from J.H. Day's description on 
two aspects:

- it has hooded hooks in posterior notopodia and
- the hooks may be uni and bi-dentate 

I am not a taxonomist and I am not updated with the latest 
discoveries on Spionidae taxonomy (our library is not helpfull at all 
on taxonomic matters).

Thus, I would immensely appreciate if anybody could help us with 
the identification of these spionids.

Thanks for your attention.

Regards...............Alex Soares

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