Tropical Seasonality

Alan Eugene Davis adavis at
Sat Nov 16 10:34:00 EST 1996

I have been collecting information on tropical seasonality for several
years.  My special interest is in marine seasonality.  

I am interested in obtaining information regarding any tropical
polychaetes in which seasonality of any kind (abundance, distribution,
and more usually reproductive) has been observed.  I am aware of one
such instance in Chuuk, E. Caroline Islands, and have observed the
luminescent epitokes of certain worms (maybe or maybe not a _Palolo_
sp.) that are associated traditionally with the third night after full
moon.  Another night of the moon has the same name, so a different
worm may also be involved.  

I would be grateful for any suggestive or documented information
regarding _any_ seasonal phenomena in the tropics, especially in the
Pacific.   Hopefully it will eventually---probably some years
hence---possible to produce a review.  

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