looking for a visiting researcher [Enchytraeus]

Maroko Myohara myohara at ss.nises.affrc.go.jp
Wed Nov 20 07:36:02 EST 1996

Dear Annelid reseachers:

I am a new member of this mailing list. 

I am looking for a biologist who will be able to come to Japan and work
with me on my new project on the regeneration of an earthworm, Enchytraeus
japonensis (Nakamura, 1993), for which I am applying for a government
grant. The subject of the grant proposal is "Development of a new reseach
system for studying the invertebrate regeneration", and the term is from
April 1997 to
March 1998.  

Although my chance for the grant may be about 50%, I need to find a
candidate(s) for the visiting biologist now to fill the application form. I
sould be grateful if you would consider to come to Japan sometime between
September 1997 and March 1998. Length of the stay could be from several
days (just for some seminors in this case) to six months. The grant will
pay you all of your travel expenses and 15,000-18,000 yen/day (depends on
your age) during the stay. 

In spite of having no reseach experience with oligochaetes (my master's
thesis was on reproduction and development of polychaete annelids but after
that, in these 17-18 years, I have been working with Drosophila and other
insects), I decided to work with this earthworm, E. japonenses, because I
believed it could make an excellent reseach system for the invertebrate

E. japonensis reproduces asexually by fragmenting the full-grown body
(10-15 mm long) into about 10 fragments. All the fragments complete
regeneration of the head and the tail in 4 days and grow fully in another
10 days, that is, the fragmentation occurs every two weeks (at 25 degree).
Therefore a clone of 10,000 worms can be made from a single worm in two
months! Sexual reproduction also can be observed under the laboratry

Five people (Dr. Tochinai, a professor of Hokkaido University, two of his
students, my postdoc Dr. Noro, and myself) are working with the earthworm
now. We are all enjoying work with it but none of us is an expert of the
field. We are eager to learn ANYTHING on earthworms.

If you (or some of your acquaintances) are interested in the project and
might be able to come to help us, please send me the following information
by e-mail or fax. (My e-mail address is myohara at ss.nises.affrc.go.jp; the
fax number is 81-298-38-6090.) 

1) Full name
2) Age
3) Sex
4) Nationality
5) Institution
6) Job title
7) Research experiences and achievements 
8) Awards
9) Number of scientific publications 
10) Possible reseach project(s) you would like to carry out with us during
the stay

I am looking forward to hear from you.
Many thanks for your time.
  MAROKO MYOHARA                     
  Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305, Japan ... 
  Natl. Inst. Sericultural & ...  
  Entomological Science	  ...
  TEL+81-298-38-6096                TEL 0298-38-6096
  FAX+81-298-38-6028                FAX 0298-38-6090, 6028
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