Prostomial appendages of Eunicea

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Tue Oct 8 11:50:26 EST 1996

Dear everybody,

The subject mentioned above refers to the paper by Lars Orrhage 'On the 
innervation and homologues of the anterior end appendages of the Eunicea 
(Polychaeta), with a tentative outline of the fundamental constitution of 
the cephalic nervous system of the polychaetes', Acta Zool. 76:229-248, 
1995.  In this paper Orrhage showed that the previously referred to 
'ventrolateral antennae' or 'anterior lateral antennae' are homologous with 
palps, and the 'palps' (frontal palps nd labial palps) are part of the 
alimentary canal and thus represent dorsal and ventral buccal lips.  I have 
been admiring his work for a long time and think this is a great paper.  

Presently I am trying to incorporate his conclusions into a revised 
terminology of the Onuphidae and have run into some difficulties.  I have no 
problems calling the previous 'anterior lateral antennae' palps.  Although 
it does not come easy to call structures that have the same appearance (as 
in this case the previous five antennae) by different names.  However, I 
find it really difficult to refer to 'dorsal buccal lips' that are nowhere 
near the mouth and to 'ventral buccal lips' that are above the mouth.  And 
what should we call the structure that I labelled 'lower lip' (Paxton 
1986:fig. 3)?  Common sense suggests that the 'upper lip' is above the mouth 
and the 'lower lip' is below.  Where would we be if we used strictly 
homologous terms for instance in the mammal ear structures?

I am inviting your comments on whether we should acknowledge the homology of 
the structures but continue the terminology as in use now, accept the 
suggestions of Orrhage, or come up with new terms?

What are your opinions?

Best regards, Hannelore P.

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