Pseudo-Publications on the WWW

Thu Oct 24 00:31:38 EST 1996

Dear Annelidans,

Well, Jim Blake certainly did open up a can of worms.  However, I would like
to point out that the taxonomy was not "pseudo", it is the idea that this
medium represents a "pseudo-publication" that Jim was correct about.  Tom's
"paper" was, I'm sure, put on annelida to elicit comments from a broad
audience.  Knowing Tom, I cannot believe that he ever intended this to
constitute publication.  Tom's taxonomic conclusions regarding Parandalia
fauveli and P. ocularis have been suspected by those of us in southern
California for a number of years.  I look forward to seeing this posting and
hope that Tom will take it the next step (after the electronic review process)
 and submit it for publication.

Larry Lovell
Taxonomic Consultant

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