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Dear Anneliders,

Jim Blake wrote: "....
>(1) A synonym of Nephtys cornuta
>(2) A valid species of Micronephthys

>Does anyone have any thoughts on this situation?

     A few years back (my references are still boxed, the office should move 
next month some time...)  Derek Ellis (U. Victoria, Victoria BC) had one of 
his students study a large set of Nephtys cornuta cornuta and N. c. 
franciscana from a site in Vancouver Island.  Careful analysis showed that 
the two subspecies merged with time and age.   The article appeared in the 
Canadian Journal of Zoology.   I sort of refereed the project but they did 
not include material from California.

     I have always felt that N. cornuta and N. minuta/neotena belonged in 
the same taxonomic grouping, whether genus or subgenus.  I am interested in 
Jirkov's paper because his specimens differ from those I have seen from the 
Gulf of St. Lawrence (mine all have the branchiae from setiger 5, no 

     Noyes made a seriious error in assigning his new species to the genus 
"Aglaophamus" on the basis of a slight curve in the branchiae.  Aglaophamus 
has bifid setae that are never found in Nephtys neotena and the curve in the 
branchiae is typical of all juvenile nephtyids.

     This group needs a lot more more work.  Once we get the collections 
moved and settled (target date is next February but things are behind 
schedule...), I would be happy to provide British Columbia and Gulf of St. 
Lawrence material to anyone who wants to take a look.

Judy Fournier
Canadian Museum of Nature

<JFOURNIER at mus-nature.ca>

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