Web page of the polychaete conference

Paulo da Cunha Lana lana at cem.ufpr.br
Thu Sep 19 07:56:36 EST 1996

Dear colleagues,

I have just received a number of messages complaining about the
quality of the Web Page of the Sixth Polychaete Conference. Please
notice that it was prepared using Java language and it will be best
experienced only under recent versions of Netscape and Microsoft
browsers, such as Internet Explorer 3.0 and Netscape 3.0. Both
browsers are easily available in the WWW. There was a problem
concerning the online form and it will be inactive for a few days.
Please do not try it till next Monday or Tuesday.

If you have any problems to update your browsers,  an e-mail version of
the first announcement is available in
thanks to the kindness of Geoffrey Read.

Please keep me informed of any further problems you find re the page.I
will try to keep it regularly updated.
	With all best wishes,

Paulo Lana
<lana at cem.ufpr.br>

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