Eggs resorbtion in benthic invertebrates

Darius Daunys darius at
Wed Sep 25 05:47:05 EST 1996

Hello, everyone !
I'm an M.Sc student of the Ecology Department at Klaip=EBda University
(Lithuania) and now perform diploma work on the reproductional
strategies of brackish water polychaetes in Curonian lagoon (Baltic
Sea). In comparison to other Baltic Sea regions my polychaetes seem to
be of larger size (width, length and individual weight). Also, I have
some evidences on absence of normal reproductional development.
 I think that worms are unable to develop gametes to mature stage or
 spawn in oligohaline conditions (salinity below <1 PSU) and resorb
 their inmature eggs before more saline water came.
Could anyone answer me:
1. Does any evidences exist on resorbtion of eggs among polychaetes or
macroinvertebrates in general ? 2. If so, then what are the most
characteristic features of this phenomena I can  look at ? 3. What
kind of responses at individual level could be expected in conditions
of: a) organic enrichment and pollution, b) non-periodic changes of
salinity from nearly 0 up to 6 PSU ?

Any coments, thoughts or references will be very appreciated.

Darius Daunys
Department of Ecology
Klaipeda University
Manto 84, LT 5808
<darius at>

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