Eggs resorbtion in benthic invertebrates

Daniel Martin dani at
Thu Sep 26 08:40:37 EST 1996

Dear colleagues,

As a response to Darius Daunys message, here there are some of the
references I know concerning eggs, reproduction and resorbtion in

Gentil, F., Dauvin, J.C. & M=E9nard, F. (1990) Reproductive biology of the
Polychaete Owenia fusiformis Delle Chiaje in the Bay of Seine (eastern
English Channel). Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 142,

Olive, P.J.W., Garwood, P.R. & Bentley, M.G. (1981) Oosorption and
reproductive failure in Polychaeta in relation to their reproductive
strategy. Bulletin de la Societ=E9 Zoologique de France 106, 263-268

Martin, D., Cha, J.-H. & Bhaud, M. (1996).- Consequences of oocyte form
modification in Eupolymnia nebulosa (Annelida, Polychaeta). Invert. Reprod=

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