New PRO Researcher list online

Geoff Read at
Mon Sep 30 02:25:35 EST 1996

Hello Annelida folks,

I'll send the e-mail version tomorrow, but:


Is now the introductory link to a new polychaetologist addresses edition five. 

(Those with caches might need to press 'reload' to get a new copy).

This version uses frames. I hope you like it and hope also that
everything works for most browsers! 

Check your entry soon and especially tell me about major errors &
omissions so that I can update the master database. If you sent an
entry and are not in the list then unfortunately somehow I didn't get it.
The best thing to do next will be to e-mail the details straightaway. 

New version releases depend on the rate of new input. We'll see how
we go but I want to keep the fresh information flowing.

Thanks very much to all participants,

  Geoff Read < at>

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