Giant earthworms

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Tue Apr 15 07:00:00 EST 1997

Alan Cooper wrote:
<< I am a molecular researcher studying the break-up of Gondwana
<< and its affect on vertebrates (birds mostly) and now, 
<< invertebrates. A group that appears particularly interesting 
<< is the giant earthworms of the Southern continents: 
<< S. America, S. Africa, NZ, Aust., Sri Lanka (and possibly 
<< Madagascar?). .....

Earthworms are definitely an interesting group for biogeographical studies
but 'giant earthworms' do not form a taxonomical unit. Large earthworms
(e.g. length over 1 m) occur in several families (Glossoscolecidae,
Moniligastridae, Megascolecidae) and the genera they belong to, mostly
contain many smaller species as well.

Consequently it would be a better approach to concentrate these studies on
a certain group of earthworms with a Gondwana distribution and use species
of a normal size. There are several common species among them which are
probably easy to obtain for destructive studies while the 'giant
earthworms' are mostly rare and sometimes even protected.

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