Ice worm and Polychaete TV Star in Science

JAMES A. BLAKE jablake at
Thu Aug 14 23:01:47 EST 1997

Dear Annelid enthusiast, 

The latest issue of Science (8 August, vol. 277) has brief articles and
photographs of: (1) the "Iceworms from the the Gulf" on page 769 along
with a photo of the "methane dwellers;" and (2) a call out article and
photo on page 771 entitled "A new Denizen of the Deep?" that  is the now
famous JAMSTEC worm.  

So, the Ice Worm and the TV Star have now achieved even more recognition
in gracing the pages of Science. Who knows what further adventures these
two beasties will encounter on the road to stardom.

I got a note that Kevin Eckelbarger was off with Craig Young to survey
the seeps in the Gulf and that he would try and get some iceworms.  
Good luck guys.


Jim Blake
ENSR, 89 Water Street
Woods Hole, MA 02543
(jablake at

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