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Francois Lallier has brought to my attention the interest of your group
in our recent discovery of "iceworms".  they are not the "orbiniid" Dr.
Blake mentioned, which we have been collecting along with methanotrophic
mussels by the thousands for many years (we have spent many hours
separating those slimey worms from our mussels, which is why my students
knicknamed them snotworms).

According to Drs. Andre Toulmond and Daniel Desbruyeres they are
apparantly a new species of Hesionid.

We are working on a respectable scientific publication for submission in
the next few weeks, , but in the mean time they have been featured in the
most recent issues of New Scientist, Science, and Science News, along
with alot of newspapers.  Most of the articles are pretty good, although
the London Times article belongs in the National Enquirer.....

Check out our Seep  web site for information on the worms and the other
fauna there:

Another site has higher quality images for public use, including a head-on SEM:

I hope this helps a bit.  I would be happy to answer, (or refer) any
questions that arise after folks have checked out these sources.

Chuck Fisher

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