Freshwater serpulids

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Gia Pendred wrote:
> ... I have heard of Marifugia cavatica 
> that exists in some caves in the former Yugoslavia, but the only 
> reference cited is from 1930 in an obscure journal and is not in 
> English! Does anybody have any further references ...

To get the obvious out the way first .... These below are probably from 
Linda Ward's electronic bibliography available at

 Absolon,K (1930): Marifugia cavatica, novy rod morskych cervu 
Polychaeta, nalezeny ve sladkych vodach Hercegoviny. Zvlastni otisk z Vedy 
prirodni roe 11, 1-9

 Bianchi,CN (1979): Serpuloidea (Annelida, Polychaeta) 
delle acque Italiane: Elenco delle specie e chiavi per la determinazione. 
Annali del Museo Civico di Stria Naturale 'Giacomo Doria' Geno
 82, 266-294.

 Chardard,R (1945): Sur les organies sacciformes de deux serpuliens: 
Marifugia cavatica Absalon et Hrabe et Mercierella enigmatica Fauvel. 
Bulletin de Museum Hist. Nat. Paris, 2 17, 493-496. 

 Matjasic,J; Sket,B (1966): Developpement larvaire du serpulien 
caverincole Marifugia cavatica, Absolon et Hrabe (Polychaeta, Sedentaria). 
Int. J. Speleol. 2, 9-1

 Remy,Paul (1937): Sur Marifugia cavatica Absalom et Hrabe, 
serpulide des eaux douces sousterranees du Karst adriatique. Bulletin de 
Museum d'Histoire naturelle, Paris 9, 66

 Sket,B (1983): [Is Marifugia a refugee from the sea?]. Proteus 
46(3), 102-104

 ten Hove,Harry A (1979): Different causes of mass occurrence in 
serpulids. Chapter 16 in: G. Larwood and B. R. Rosen, eds. Biology and 
Systematics of Colonial Organisms. Academic Press, Lond
 and New York. pp.281-298.

I was unable to find anything relevant  in a quick look at  ASFA online.

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