Sixth International Polychaete Conference Update

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Sat Dec 20 06:20:13 EST 1997

Dear colleagues,

I have some updated information re the Sixth International Polychaete
Conference, to be held in Curitiba from 2 to 7 August 1998. Please read it
carefully and contact me if you have any doubts.

Sending of definitive registration form with submission of abstracts and
payment of registration fee is postponed to 20 February 1998. PLEASE do
not miss this deadline, since booking of hotels and final conference
arrangements will heavily depend on your input. Early booking is strongly
recommended as on-site availability of selected hotels and other
facilities cannot be guaranteed. Please fill out ALL the spaces of the
form and remember that all the information we are going to receive will be
considered DEFINITIVE.

There was a general (and justifiable) uproar from the polychaetological
community re the space originally scheduled to poster display (1.00 x 1.00
m, as stated in the second circular). We are glad to inform that from now
on you will be able to display your beautiful pictures, graphs and texts in
a space of 1.77 (length) x 0.86 m (height). We will have at least two
'officially' scheduled sessions for poster presentations; however, it is
our intention to leave posters on display for at least two or three days.

The second circular stated that the "organizing committee strongly
suggests that taxonomic descriptions or revisions be displayed as
posters". The choice of the word "strongly" was a most unfortunate one -
please forget it. In this peculiar case, we were thinking about `alpha'
taxonomy or descriptions of a single or a few new species which may be of
limited general interest for the audience. In fact, this point-of-view is
shared by many of our colleagues, including taxonomists. However, other
types of taxonomic contributions will be warmly welcome as oral ones. We
are convinced that you will have the ability to recognize if your
contribution is suitable to be presented as a 20-minute talk. However,
people from organizing committees of scientific meetings have always the
difficult (and rather antipathetic) task to accommodate a surplus of oral
contributions within a limited time-schedule. If this happens, the
Organizing Committee will suggest that some contributions be presented as
posters, with the ad hoc help of the Advisory Council of the International
Polychaetological Association. 
With all my best wishes and seasons greetings,

Paulo Lana
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. There are at least two small markets, besides some very
simple restaurants (average price of meals from US $ 5 to US $ 15) at a
walking distance from the Center. 


10-21 AUGUST 1998

APPLICATION FORM (please type or print and fill out ALL the spaces)

Surname/Family name: _________________________________ 

First name: __________________________________________

Work address: _______________________________________


Work phone (international version): + _____________________

Fax (international): + __________________________________ 


Provide further details of your professional status: 







Registration Fee US $ _700.00

Payment should be submitted using one of the following means:

Deposit in the bank account: NIMAD-UFPR, Banco do Brasil, no. 25111-9 -
Agencia 3184/4 - Curitiba, Brazil (please fax the receipt of your

Credit cards: MasterCard, Diners International and Visa. 

Please charge my card: 

Total _US $ 700.00 

___Visa ___Mastercard ___Diners

No. __________________________

  Expiry date ____________________

  Date __/__/__ Signature __________________

Please return this form (by e-mail or fax) to:

Paulo da Cunha Lana 

Centro de Estudos do Mar - Universidade Federal do Parana

Av. Beira-Mar, s/n

83255-000 Pontal do Sul - Parana - Brazil

Tel + 55 41 4551333

Fax + 55 41 4551105

lana at

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