Phylum Hemichordata

Robert J. Grant advnplbg at
Thu Feb 6 20:30:24 EST 1997

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	Hello, my name is Adam Grant and i am working on a project about the
phylum hemichordata.  It has been about a week or so that I have been
working on this and not much is to be found in the local libraries, school,
or the internet.  I might not be looking in the right places and I am
hoping for an aim in a certain direction towards the research that I need. 
The project has to be on the life processes of the phylum hemichordata and
since you study marine biology, I figured that you might know where to look
for this information.  If you have any ideas that might help, please send
them to Advnplbg at  Any help would be greatly apreciated :).


				Adam Grant

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