5th International Polychaete Conference Proceedings

LLLPOLYTAX at aol.com LLLPOLYTAX at aol.com
Thu Feb 13 16:36:52 EST 1997

Dear Polychaetologists,

I am posting this messsage at the request of Dr. Reish.

On Wednesday, Feb. 12, Dr. Reish talked with the Bulletin of  Marine
Science and got the scoop on the proofs expected to be sent out in
January.  He was told that Allen Press had a delay in getting the proofs
ready, but they were almost done and were to begin sending proofs to
authors that day (Feb. 12). Dr. Reish has requested that authors review
their proofs and return them express mail within 72 hours of receipt.  If
everyone cooperates with the quick turnaround, Dr. Reish believes that the
volume will be out in late April.  If you wish to contact Dr. Reish
directly, he may be reached via e-mail now at <djreish at aol.com>.

Regards to all,

Larry Lovell
<LLLPOLYTAX at aol.com>

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