Rolf Bissell Parker parkerr at
Sun Feb 16 22:35:14 EST 1997

About a year ago someone posted a note about the bioluminescent
earthworms of south east asia.

I now find myself in need to know once again the genus or perhaps even
the species names of these annelids. 

Has anyone posited a function for this ability?

Does anyone know whether the wavelength of this luminescence has ever been
measured? Is it more on the green side or on the yellow side of the

And finally do any non asian earthworms glow in the dark? 

I am working with earthworm predators and thus all this becomes
interesting to know. 

Rolf Parker
parkerr at

I am a Phd studebt in Harold Koopowitz's lab, in the Ecology and
Evolutionary Biology Department, UCal Irvine.

714 - 824 - 5324 

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