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   Since R.B. Parker just mentioned bioluminescent earthworms, I wonder 
whether some participant in this discussion group has a more general 
knowledge on bioluminescence, i.e. on occurrence in other zoological 
groups. Does somebody know about a kind of inventory of bioluminescent 
marine invertebrates? I wonder whether bioluminescence has yet been 
reported for zoantharians (Anthozoa).
   On a recent deep dredging cruise in the Mediterranean I happened to 
observe bioluminescence in a unidentified zoantharian.
   Any comment will be welcome. Thanks!
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seum collections or in other sources that
you know of.

                Marenzelleria wireni
                Laonice annenkovae
                Laonice annenkowae
                Microspio wireni
                Nerine vulgaris
                Paraspio wireni

                Marenzelleria viridis
                Laonice viridis
                Scolecolepides arctius
                Scolecolepides arcticus
                Scolecolepides virens
                Scolecolepides viridis
                Scolecolepis tenuis
                Scolecolepis viridis
                Scolelepis tenuis
                Scolilepides viridis
                Scolelepides viridis


SCOLECOLEPIDES BENHAMI Ehlers, 1907 (New Zealand)

Should specimens registered under these names be among the material in
collections to which you have access, we would be extremely grateful to
receive examples. If you know of other possible sources (colleagues or
museums), please give them a copy of this letter. If you are able to
collect samples yourself in the course of your work and to send them to
us, please fix the samples (10 to 20 individuals per population would be
ideal) in (about) 90 % unadulterated alcohol.

With cordial regards and a huge "thank you" in advance for your trouble

Dr. Ralf Bastrop
Universitaet Rostock
FB Biologie
Abt. Stoffwechselphysiologie
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D-18055 Rostock

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