LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD Diplocardia longa

Rolf Bissell Parker parkerr at ea.oac.uci.edu
Tue Feb 18 17:49:18 EST 1997

I want to start a lab colony of  Diplocardia longa, from the SE USA.

Does anyone know how I could get my hands on a few of these guys?

Sam James informns me that these worms, which are to be found in the US,
are bioluminescent. If these are rare or hard to collect or for any other
reason difficult to obtain, does anyone know of any other annelid that
occurs in the US that is more readily obtainable?  

My lab is glad to beg, barter or buy some of these. A couple dozen would
probably suffice. 

Thanks in advance for any leads.


parkerr at uci.edu
714 - 824 - 5324

1321 Verano Place
Irvine, California, 92612

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