Welcome to Annelida 1997 - release of PRO-6

Geoff Read gread at actrix.gen.nz
Wed Jan 1 11:13:23 EST 1997

Happy New Year to all ANNELIDA subscribers!!!

Yes, I have been saving this message to send on this significant day :-)

Welcome to another year of helpful and friendly discussion via 
Annelida (I hope). 

I have produced another Web edition  of Polychaete Researchers Online,
called it PRO 6,  and put it in the usual place. A link to the older PRO
5 is also there. Let me know if you have any problems accessing either. I
don't plan to send out an e-mail version of this one.


This I hope includes all minor updates people have  sent me as well as new 
entries for Camargo, De Leon, Gil, Lardicci, Long, Martinez-Lara, Pereira, 
Perkins, Simpson, Taghon, Voelker, and Zottoli.  If there is anyone else 
who tried to send in a new form via the web site then - whoops, sorry - I 
didn't receive it. Please try again and send me a separate e-mail note at 
the same time to make sure. All people, but especially those  who have  
sent in new information, should check their entries sometime.  Also please 
let me know about  out-of-date or otherwise useless entries.

It is easy to update my database so don't hesitate to contact me anytime, 
preferably just sending the  information you are changing.  

Very best wishes to all,

Geoff Read

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