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Kristian Fauchald FAUCHALD.KRISTIAN at nmnh.si.edu
Wed Jan 8 08:29:41 EST 1997

I would like to thank Geoff for doing an excellent job on ANNELIDA and
especially for taking the effort of keeping all the random stuff out of 
the mailings:  They are a pest on many other lists and one reason why I
subscribe to few of them (I get enough junk phone calls!)

My reason for responding at this point is mainly that I would like to remind
the polychaete people of the meeting in Brasil next year:  It may look 
like it is too soon to make decisions about travel in August 1998, but 
having arranged meetings for another society, I know how important it is 
for the meeting arranger to know the maximum group to expect.  Thus, if 
you believe you have interesting results to talk about (or will have them 
by that time) and you are interested in meeting other polychaete people, 
this is an excellent opportunity.  I would suggest sending in a response 
to the first flyer, just so that you are sure to be kept informed about 
what happens.  

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