Meeting arranger agrees completely with Fauchald

Paulo da Cunha Lana lana at
Thu Jan 9 08:27:18 EST 1997

Kristian Fauchald stated in a recent e-mail to Annelida:

>... I would like to remind the polychaete people of the meeting in
>Brasil next year:  It may look like it is too soon to make decisions
>about travel in August 1998, but having arranged meetings for another
>society, I know how important it is for the meeting arranger to know the
>maximum group to expect...    I would suggest sending in a
>response to the first flyer, just so that you are sure to be kept
>informed about what happens.  

Kristian's comments are most welcome. I have received up to now about 90
registration forms for the next conference, including e-mails, faxes and
surface mail. Though we are still far from August 1998 (are we?) it will
be essential to have reliable information on the number of expected
people (plus or minus 25 polychaetologists, not including parapodia, is
a tolerable deviation) by the end of February 1997. This will help the
Organizing Committee in making the most adequate arrangements for the
scientific meeting proper, besides negotiating prices with hotels and 
planning middle and post-conference excursions. Remember that titles of
papers need not be final at this time.

It is my intention to make available, through e-mail, ANNELIDA and the
conference WWW site, a complete list of registered people by the first
week of March. The second circular will be sent only to those who have
returned the reply form included in the first announcement.

I wish all the best to all of you in '97.

Paulo Lana
lana at

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