Echiura - Personal replies

Geoff Read at
Tue Jan 21 18:31:29 EST 1997

Please no more personal replies to Dr Cutler (and other people) 
misdirected to ANNELIDA.

I have forwarded those that came in.

Remember, if you  press 'reply' then the 'reply-to' often defaults  to the 
list itself.  Please check you are sending the message exactly where you 
want to send it before pressing the 'send' key. (I am not immune to this 
trap but I  usually negotiate it 99% of the time. ;-)  )

Having said that, information of general interest, or answers to questions 
that will save other people the bother of answering them, should always be 
sent to the list.

  Geoff Read < at>

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