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Dear Geoff

Would you please put this information on the Polychaete and/or annelid

The proceedings of the 5th polychaete conference has been published by the
Bulletin of Marine Science.  All those people who published a paper in the
proceedings and was the first author will receive a free copy of the Bulletin
from the editor of the Bulletin.  Those additional people who paid
registration fee (you, for example, Geoff) will receive a free copy from me.
 I will start mailing them out beginning July 15.  Those people who do not
fall into the above groups who were referees of the papers will receive a
free copy from me in appreciation for their efforts.  Finally, copies are
available from me at US$35.00 which includes handling and postage.  You can
pay by sending US$35.00 drawn on a U.S. Bank made out to Polychaete
Conference and send to me or you can charge it on either VISA or MasterCard
(no other plastic companies) by sending me the name on the account, the
account number and the expiration date.  You can either mail me the
information, FAX me (562-985-5846) or send by e-mail (DJR at aol.com).

Thanks Geoff. 


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