Extracting polydorids

Wilson, Robin RWILSON at mov.vic.gov.au
Wed Jul 16 00:13:53 EST 1997

Hello all,

I would be grateful for any suggestions on how to extract polydorids
(and other polychaetes) from their holes in corraline algae, without
damage to the worms.  (The samples are of live specimens).  I am
experimenting with letting the water become anoxic, in the hope that the
worms will become desperate enough to leave their holes.  Chipping away
at the algae mostly results in broken and squashed worms.

(Not that I am especially interested in polydorids myself, but I am
trying to help out a student who wants to know roughly what is living in
her algal substrate.)



Robin Wilson			
Museum of Victoria
71 Victoria Crescent
Abbotsford  3067

telephone (61) 3 9284 0216; fax (61) 3 9416 0475
rwilson at mov.vic.gov.au
Polychaetes of Australia URL http://www.mov.vic.gov.au/poly

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