In Memory of David W. Kirtley

Dr. Julie Brock BROCK at
Fri Jul 18 21:44:52 EST 1997

    David Kirtley could make an ordinary day a Great Day, by sending an 
email with sab news along with a dose of his special good humor. We worked 
via space waves on Sabs from Fiji and Malaysia and almost, but not quite,
resolved them both. I tried to get more Fiji specimens for him, but even
photos of the worms growing on rocks in Suva harbor with hammer for scale
did not motivate USP biologists to rush out and find them. But I am
fairly content that these IDs were not resolved. I would have missed some
great stories! 

    My last communications with him were about sabs from Christmas Island 
that I had referred to him as the specialist. He was ready to make a
reservation to Christmas on the condition he could do some fishing at the
same time as collect sabs, and eat the catch ( the fish, I think). I was
about to get back to him on airline charters when I received Kevin's
message.  I am most grateful for David Kirtley's advice on Hawaiian sabs
(sabellariids, not sabellids!), his contribution to that family in "Reef
and Shore Fauna of Hawaii" and his willing assistance with sab questions.
My sympathy to his family and friends. With Aloha and a big Maholo to
David Kirtley, from Julie Bailey-Brock             

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