Polychaete TV news star?

Tomoyuki Miura miura at zero.fish.kagoshima-u.ac.jp
Tue Jul 29 04:13:07 EST 1997

Dear Colleagues,

Unfortunately, I could not see the TV news, but the researcher on this news
called on me this afternoon and asked if I could identify the polychaete
worm.  The researcher's name is Dr. James Hunt charged at Japan Marine
Science and Technology Center.  He said to me also to send a Quick Time
Movie file (or a video tape) on the problem polychaete.  I am not a
specialist of pelagic polychaetes, but I will try to check it.

By the way, if those who saw this news have any idea on this polychaete in
the point of view taxonomy, please help us to identify it, even on generic
or more higher level (family, order, etc.).

We have a star who lives in deep mid-water in Sagami Bay, but we do not know
yet who it is.

The TV news appears to be well known world wide, but I could not see it.  I
am now waiting to have the video tape.  Until now I could received two
video stills.  After them, I think the problem species are close to both
Yndolacia and Flota.  This polychaete have 9 setigerous parapodia with two
bandles of long setae, but no appendage on the head region.  When I will
receive the video tape, I think to describe the morphology more clearly.


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