Information on free-spawned eggs

Bob Podolsky podolsky at leland.Stanford.EDU
Thu Jul 31 18:58:02 EST 1997

[My apologies if you receive this request from more than one group.]

I would be grateful for any information on the size of ova and of their
accessory structures (jelly coats, follicle cells, test cells, hulls,
etc.).  Although such paired measurements are routinely taken, I am
finding that they are often not published. 

I am collecting this information as part of a broad survey of the relative
contributions of ovum and accessory structure(s) to the size of the target
for sperm (i.e. average cross-sectional area of the entire egg with its
investments). Therefore, it would be helpful to know (1) average diameters
for ovum and accessory structure(s) before fertilization, (2) whether
large changes occur at fertilization, and (3) whether the egg is roughly
spherical or irregularly shaped. 

I am hoping to collect this information for as many free-spawning
invertebrate, fish and algal species as possible.  Internally-fertilizing
relatives would also be helpful.  Information for several species within a
clade would be especially useful. 

I would like to synthesize this information for a presentation in early
October at a conference on egg and embryo coats.  All information will be
gratefully acknowledged!

If you have collected such information but do not have immediate access to
it, please send a note anyway so that I can send a reminder. 

Thanks very much,
Bob Podolsky
Robert D. Podolsky, Ph.D.			408-655-6238 (lab)
Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University	408-375-0793 (fax)
Oceanview Boulevard			        408-641-9130 (hme)
Pacific Grove, CA 93950-3094	      podolsky at

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