Annelid Functional Morphology

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Greetings worm-people:
Please exuse this non-(entirely) scientific posting

Sea Studios in collaboration with National Geographic Television is
developing "The Shape of Life", a new science/nature documentary series.
The series will be a 13-part (15 hrs total) exploration of animal
diversity focusing on functional morphology and evolution, aimed at the
broadcast market. Sea Studios has pioneered the use of many innovative
techniques in documentary production, and Shape of Life will use lots of
high quality video footage and animation to teach some real biology in an
engaging way. Each major animal phylum will be treated in at least one
full episode. 

I work with Sea Studios as a research consultant, and would appreciate
any input regarding recent or ongoing research, interesting critters w/
neat & important adaptations, story ideas, individual
researchers/contacts, etc.; specifically w/in the annelids, but in other
animal groups as well. We are still in the writing stages, and now is the
time to wave your arms if you or someone you know has an interesting
story to tell. Of course space is limited, and we will not be able to
feature every ones ideas, but we'll include everything we can. 

Let me close by saying that for any of you that may have worked w/ photo 
or video/film crews in the past and found it an annoying or unpleasant 
experience, the folks @ Sea Studios are easy & fun to work with. They 
all have science degrees & backgrounds, & understand what research is 
like. Please drop by their website if you'd like to no more about Sea 
Thanx for your time & I look forward to hearing from you! 
Pat J. Iampietro
Research Associate
Benthic Lab
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Earth Systems Science & Policy 
California State University, Monterey Bay
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