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Geoff Read gread at
Sat Jun 14 09:42:58 EST 1997

[deleted] once commanded:

> ***PLEASE RESPOND TO [deleted] & NOT TO LIST***

This imperative, somewhat in the style used by moderators, was in the 
original message and was NOT inserted by me.

Au contraire, ANNELIDA is a public discussion list. I'd like to encourage 
everyone to always send their replies to the list if the content might 
be of general interest.

The decision whether to respond to the list or to the original sender
belongs only to the person who replies. We must have faith in others that
they will send replies to wherever is appropriate, depending on context.

HOWEVER,  as moderator I do occasionally have a minor dilemma with 
a reply that might be intended to be private (I can't decide), but has 
been sent to the Annelida address.  It's your responsibility not mine, so 
please take care. I will tend to forward innocuous-looking messages to the 
list as the easiest option. 


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