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Geoff Read gread at actrix.gen.nz
Sat Jun 14 10:21:43 EST 1997

I once wrote:

> Unless further problems emerge a zipped EndNote library file will be 
> uploaded in a day or so. 
> This file will work immediately in both Macintoshes and windows-PC 
> versions of EndNote. Isn't that nice!

Correct, but I think we were not aware this shift-key trick below was
necessary on the Mac (clipped from the Endnote list, and it's in the
manual). I hope not too many were puzzled.

"Libraries that are created on the Mac version of EndNote Plus or the PC
version of EndNote Plus are compatible across platforms (they can even be
shared over a mixed platform network). There are a couple of things to be
aware of:

1) The libraries need *no conversion* (also, do not export and import
the data) - simply copy the library file over the network or use a PC
diskette and Apple File Exchange or DOS Mounter to copy the library to or
from a Mac.

2) To "see" a PC library from the Mac platform in the Open File dialog
window, it will be necessary to hold down the Shift key while choosing
Open... from the File menu. This means, push the Shift key down, keep it
down, choose Open...  from the File menu, then let go of the Shift key.
This enables you to "see" a PC library in the Open File dialog. Once the
library has been opened, a Macintosh file type and creator code will be
appended to the file and you won't have to hold the Shift key down to see
it the next time you want to open it.

To see a Mac library from the PC platform, it should have the extension
*.enl. If it doesn't, then be sure to change the view to show All Files
(*.*) in the Open File dialog, so that EndNote is not limiting your view to
just those files with *.enl or *.lib extensions.

Additional information can be found in the the EndNote Plus manual:

The PC Manual (1st Edition): Pages 37-38
The PC Manual (2nd Edition): Pages 63-64
The PC Manual (3rd Edition): Pages 61-62

The Mac Manual (1st Edition): Pages 59-60
The Mac Manual (2nd Edition): Pages 87-88
The Mac Manual (3rd Edition): Pages 59-60"

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