TRITON Index to Organism Names

Geoff Read at
Tue Jun 17 21:29:44 EST 1997

Hello folks,

I have just come across this free Biosis service which might be very 
useful occasionally.

I presume this was going to be the system if ICZN had kept the Zoo Record 
registration idea proposed for ICZN4.  Pump in a name and you get the 
occurrences in Zoo Record since 1978 something like so:

Name : Nereis virens
     Group : Annelida
     Author : Sars 1835
     Classification : Polychaeta [view ZR hierarchy] 
     Occurrence In ZR : 26 
             ZR Volume 117 119 122 123 128 129 130 131 132
        Occurrence       2   2   1   1   8   9   1   1   1

You can search on genus and family too, though the latter may not be a 
meaningful thing to do at this stage except for the rare ones.  Also it 
doesn't seem to report the family of a species.   

"The Index constitutes the publicly available portion of TRITON the 
Taxonomy Resource and Index To Organism Names system currently being 
developed by BIOSIS"

"The Full TRITON system will provide subscription based access to full
index and bibliographic data for all newly published and changed animal
names, including all new combinations and new synonyms, reported in
Zoological Record since 1978..." 

And it isn't available just yet.

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