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Thu Jun 19 08:00:46 EST 1997

Thanks Geoff for the hint. I tried to look for names Klaus Mueller and I
had once created and, asthonishingly, found some. Yet someone had changed
our intepretation of the systematic position of these forms, both
interpreted as stem-group crustaceans by us they are noted as Ostracoda and
as Trilobitomorpha, whatever that is. I wonder if the organisers of this
interesting search tool have installed their own ideas of relationships
also for other taxa.

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For those interested ====> I have put more Orsten-type animals on my
homepage recently, which include now a phosphatocopine baby from the Lower
Cambrian of Comley, Britain, and the limbs of Middle Cambrian
phosphatocopines from the Georgina Basin, Australia.

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