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Fournier, Judith JFOURNIER at
Fri Jun 20 11:50:00 EST 1997

Dear Folks,

     Well, I never thought it would happen but today is essentially my 
last day at work.  I start my pre-retirement leave next week and in 
September, officially become "retired."  I will be continuing my research 
studies and will remain associated with the Museum for the time being.
     All requests for loans of material and information regarding the 
collection must now be addressed to my supervisor, Dr. Jean-Marc Gagnon, 
e-mail address:

               JMGAGNON at

     It is almost a year since I have had a chance to just sit at my 
microscopes and look at worms.  The labs are now officially open although we 
still have a few glitches to overcome (alcohol availability system not yet 
working), but everything is coming back to life slowly, including my knees.


          Judy Fournier
          Canadian Museum of Nature
          <JFOURNIER at>

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