Sternapsis scutata and others

Aaron Baldwin jsapb at
Mon Jun 23 03:20:08 EST 1997

Hello all,

In recent benthic samples, I have found the polychaete Sternapsis scutata
to be very abundant. The samples were taken at 300 m in Lynn Canal,
Southeast Alaska. I was curious about what was known about the ecology of
this species. I assume that they use their buccal tentacles in a similar
fashion as do Terebellids. I find this species incredibly interesting, and
would like to hear from anyone who has studied this species. The only
other "large" inverts that were about as common were the mollusc Rhabdus
(sp?) rectius (Scaphopoda), the heart-urchin (Brisaster, I believe), and
the Priapulid Priapulus caudata. Lynn Canal is a large glacial fjord,
"boxed in" on three sides. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks- Aaron

Aaron Baldwin <jsapb at>

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