Polychaete Conference News

Paulo da Cunha Lana lana at cem.ufpr.br
Wed Jun 25 15:38:39 EST 1997

Dear Colleagues,

The second announcement for the 1998 polychaete conference is ready.  
About 185 polychaetologists stated that they plan to attend the 
conference, together with 80 accompanying people. Most of the 
arrangements, including conference venue (changes for better have been 
made), conference program and associated events, are also ready. However, 
I have a very practical problem that will oblige me to postpone the 
sending of the circular once more, probably until August 1997. Brazil has 
suffered an economical turmoil for a number of years, reflected in 
extremely high inflation rates. The situation has stabilized in the past 
two or three years and inflation is under reasonable control by now. 
However, many of the hotel and air flight companies will only fix and 
guarantee prices to the '98 Conference from August 1997 on. I prefer to 
send such information only then, in order to avoid any misunderstandings 
and/or price changes.

In order to reduce costs, I have a suggestion to all of you who intend to
participate at the postconference excursions. As you probably know, the
country is fairly large, distances are often equivalent to
intercontinental ones and prices of air tickets are correspondingly high.
In most countries, VARIG (the Brazilian air carrier) offers an air flight
pass at reasonable prices. This pass, which can only be bought outside of
Brazil, allows for 5 flights  inside the country. Its usage will
significantly reduce the costs of the planned excursions. So I suggest
you to get in contact with your travel agencies or agents in order to get
more detailed information.

I would also like to confirm that two courses will be offered to
participants and interested students. A two-week one, just after the
conference, will deal on "Polychaetes and cladistics". It will be directed
by Gregory Rouse, with the participation of Kristian Fauchald and Fredrik
Pleijel. I will be responsible for the logistics support in Pontal do Sul
(about 110 km from Curitiba). The second one is being organized by Cecilia
Amaral, Edmundo Nonato and Paulo Paiva, who will invite some keynote
speakers to present and discuss topics on polychaete ecology and
comparative biology. It will be offered in Sao Sebastiao (Sao Paulo),
about 600 km northeastern of Curitiba, probably just before the
conference. More detailed information will be soon provided through the
Annelida list and through the second circular.

I would like to renew an appeal that I made through the Annelida list some
time ago. Many polychaetologists from all over the world have informed me
that they will have financial difficulties in attending the conference. As
you know, our Association does not have a  budget to fund the travel of
participants. Inscription fees will be mainly utilized  to organize the
meeting and to cover general expenses, such as the editing of the
Proceedings. It is sure I will be able to get a substantial help from
Brazilian agencies, but the chances of funding individual participants
are rather small and I would not like to commit myself to do that at this
moment. So if you are aware of any international agencies or institutions
that could be of some help, please let me know.

With all my best wishes,

Paulo Lana
<lana at cem.ufpr.br>

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